10 Reasons to Hire a Public Relations Firm.

If you’re considering hiring a PR firm, following are 10 distinct ways public relations can help your organization.

1) Above all else, public relations professionals serve as counselors, helping develop communication programs, policies, decisions, and courses of action — all taking into account the impact on your various publics

2) Public relations professionals develop communication programs aimed at both internal and external publics

3) A PR firm can conduct research, helping  your organization anticipate and understand public opinions, internal and external attitudes, and what’s being said about your company

4) PR consultants are “a must” during the strategic planning process and aid your organization by developing a vision and a mission, plus objectives and programs to help you better connect with the people who matter to you

5)  A public relations firm can provide you with various forms of training, including media and presentation training

6)  PR professionals are driving social media efforts, helping organizations engage their audience, in real time

7)  One of your most important publics are your employees; PR pros are skilled at developing and executing employee engagement programs

8) When most people think of PR, they think of media relations and publicity. Public relations professionals can help you develop media relations and publicity programs that drive key business results

9)  More and more organizations are recognizing the bottom line impact of corporate social responsibility programs, and public relations firms are ideally positioned to map out and execute strategic CSR programs

10)  Every leader must be able to articulate a vision and provide thought leadership to those they serve. PR is the only communication function that supports leaders in this endeavor


 (Source: Success Communications Group is a full-service public relations firm based in New Jersey.)

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