5 Signs It’s Time to Start Using Google AdWords

5signs 300x300Every time we’re faced with a question, our first instinct is to “Google it”.  I am guilty of this – I’ll be watching a movie and try to remember the name of so and so actor. Google. I’ll be making dinner and can’t remember how long I’m supposed to cook something in the oven. Google. And whenever something at home breaks, guess who is to the rescue? So if we’re all on Google so much, doesn’t it make sense so is everyone else? And if you want your company or product to stand out among these nearly 6 billion searches each day, you need to get yourself to the top of the page.  The top couple coveted spots on a Google search page are paid advertisements.  Google AdWords.

So does that mean it’s time to get into the paid search game? Maybe your competition is using it. (Almost 80% of all searches include a paid campaign of some sort.) Maybe your SEO efforts need a boost. Check out these 5 signs and if they sound familiar to your business, this could be the right time to start using Google AdWords.




  1. You Face Fierce Competition in Your Industry

As companies become more savvy at SEO, the competition to be #1 has never been greater. Many companies (including us here at SCG) use SEO to get listed on Google’s first page of results. You want to get above the competition, literally – and be listed above them on search results.


  1. You’re New to the Market OR You Have a New Product Offering or Webpage

You’ve just created a brand new awesome web page or are launching an exciting new product and you want to get the word out. Let Google AdWords help put you in front of the right audience in a short amount of time.


  1. You Need to Show Metrics & ROI

Every organization has website goals – whether its traffic or leads. Usually quantifying SEO success can be a real challenge, but Google AdWords offers an extensive range of user-friendly metrics that shows what your audience is clicking on, who these visitors are, and more.


  1. You Want to Reach Passive Job Seekers OR Win Back Non-converting Customers

Google AdWords can help make your organization top of mind. Target candidates who are not actively looking for jobs by using keywords relevant to their interests or industry. Similarly, reach potentially interested customers by retargeting past website visitors.


  1. You Need Immediate Results, While Watching Your Pennies.

Google AdWords can give you almost spontaneous results, without spending a fortune. Supplement your SEO efforts, which can take months to see results, and start getting clicks immediately. Plus Google AdWords lets you control costs by setting a maximum budget per day.



So now that you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a Google AdWords campaign, where do you start? Contact your SCG Account Manager and together, with our Google-certified SEO specialist, we’ll create a campaign that fits your budget and works to achieve your goals.  Click here for more details.