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Case Study – Business to Consumer

Meridian is a private aviation business, based out of Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. They needed a corporate video to speak to their 70 year history, provide an overview of their four business units, and tease their soon-to-open Hayward California location. The video had to be a maximum length of three and a half minutes, and present Meridian in a very professional manner.


We wrote the script, created storyboards, arranged for an on-location film crew, voiceover and editing studio. Because of budgetary constraints, we could only afford a day and a half shoot, and to save time (and money) in the editing suite, we created the copy slates and supers in-house. The shoot went so smoothly, and our storyboards were so tight, that editing was completed in half the time we anticipated.


Aside from being very pleased, the client was impressed by how professional the process was, and how we were able to shoot throughout their operation without overly disturbing their workday. It timed out at 3:12 and we actually came in under budget. The video is posted on the Meridian website and Facebook page, and it continues to elicit compliments from our client’s colleagues, vendors and customers.

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