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Walmart Media

Media Open House Event and “Today” Show

SCG staff was on hand at our client, Walmart’s Black Friday / Thanksgiving Media Open House event last week in North Bergen. The Today Show and New York and New Jersey media all attended.    


SCG Is Good For Business

Whether you make sauce that’s sold to retailers across the country, or every kind of rope that’s used around the world, or you’re engaged in the various aspects of private air charter – or anything else – SCG can help…


Balancing Work/Life Stress By Volunteering

Balancing the stress of work and life isn’t an easy task, but it is a necessary one.  Although I’ve always had animals of some kind growing up (yep, I was the one trying to save every neighborhood dog, turtle, rabbit,…

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“Who are the Purple People?”

Why is it important to spread awareness when you don’t know anyone with Pancreatic Cancer? Because at one point, neither did I. November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. November 13th is World Pancreatic Cancer Day. A day to spread awareness…

"I sprinkled kosher salt on these bad boys. C’mon, try one."

Diary of an Office Food Pusher

I didn’t start out to be a Food Pusher. I’m really an avid baker, but my fun hobby might be putting my co-workers in an awkward position. Is there a birthday party? I show up with an extra cake. Did…


Periscope Up! SCG Livestream Interviews

One sure sign of rapid media expansion is when relatively young social networking platforms become parent companies to the next generation of media. Recently, Periscope—the Twitter-owned, livestreaming app—has been gaining traction with everyday users and celebrities alike. Users can easily…