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Case Study – Education

Home to the state university since 1766, New Brunswick is a vibrant, diverse community of 55,000. The city’s public school district serves 10,200 students – more than the enrollment of many colleges – in 11 different schools. It’s primary challenge is providing a steady flow of information to its publics, including students and families, internal staff and faculty, government officials and regulatory bodies, media, and community groups. In addition, communication is conducted in the context of a heavily regulated environment, often focusing on situations involving minors. Further, the district competes with surrounding schools to attract talented faculty, staff, and administration; programs must meet with taxpayer approval to ensure continued funding; and crisis situations are not infrequent.


SCG initiated a strategic communication campaign that integrates earned, shared, and owned media. Employing its multi-channel, “hub-and-spoke” communication method, the agency ensures that content it generates for the district is shared across platforms, while also providing crisis communication counsel, media training to board members and administrators, and comprehensive internal communications support.


Through ongoing, often daily counsel, SCG has help the district navigate and, more importantly, avert crises, while establishing a good-will reservoir of support from students and families, community leaders, and many others. Overall, the Public Relations program in support of New Brunswick Public Schools has dramatically enhanced and elevated the client’s profile and reputation.

Other Education Clients

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