“Help, I’m drowning in employment statistics.”

Trying to read the employment landscape and its impact on your recruiting efforts is difficult at best. Sure, there is plenty of information employment statisticsavailable. However, in this world of powerful computers and big data, the information can be overwhelming.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives us a treasure trove of data. Much of it is in convenient, pre-prepared tables. As a plus, you have the ability to create many custom tables as well. Just a little perusing of their data-rich web site can net you valuable information that can help tremendously in the development of a productive recruitment strategy.


So let’s say you are researching the employment marketplace for Genetic Counselors for a hospital in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. If you are in health care, you already know that this is a huge recruitment challenge. However, below we have extracted information just from this one source that would be relevant to developing an effective strategy.


What are the long-term prospects?

The BLS tells us that from 2014 to 2024 there will be an increase from 2,400 to 3,100 for growth of 28.8% (national average is 7%) making it the sixteenth fast growing occupation in the United States over the decade. So the recruiting challenge will become greater as time goes by. Better recruit now.


Are potential candidates being recruited into environments different from yours?

You are a hospital. In May of 2012, 38% of the genetic counselors worked in a hospital environment. By May 2016 that number was 39%. Not a big difference, but at least that percentage is moving in the right direction for your future recruiting efforts.


Thinking about going outside your area? Where are the largest concentrations of Genetic Counselors?

A BLS map tells us that just over half of the Genetic Counselors are in California, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio and Florida. Did Ohio surprise you?


For recruiting outside your local area, do your salaries keep up?

To find salary information for detailed occupations in various markets, we can access The Bureau’s Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Area Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates. The most recent figures show the Philadelphia /Camden/Wilmington market for Genetic Counselors at $68,340 annual mean wage. But with talent in short supply, you might want to look at hiring from some of the markets with the most Genetic Counselors. From our research shown above, let’s choose Boston and Cleveland.  Boston’s Annual Mean Wage for Genetic Counselors is $ 74,670 while Cleveland’s is $65,920. It appears that hiring from Cleveland might be an easier sell to candidates.


It only scratches the surface, but you can see how the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site can be of great value to your recruitment efforts. We would be glad to help you use this tool more effectively in developing your future recruitment strategies.


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