Facebook Admins “Like” Client Comments

The first Facebook Page I ever managed was for a friend who told me, “I don’t know social media. I don’t know Facebook. It makes my head hurt. Just handle it.”Facebook admins like client comments

Believe it or not, a client taking a hands-off attitude toward Facebook can be a good thing. It gives Facebook admins the freedom to focus on the essentials of running an effective Page. That includes designing posts that take advantage of trending hashtags, checking for copyright infringement on shared content, and moderating Pages to block words associated with spam and abusive comments. There are occasions, however, when admins really welcome client input, including:
When something new happens at your business. Is there anything exciting your Facebook fans should know? Let your admin know!
When your business does something special to acknowledge its employees or customers. The best Facebook posts feature real people having good experiences with your business. When this happens, be sure to take pictures or videos and send them to your admin. (Remember to get permission from people appearing in the photos or videos first!)
When your business runs paid Facebook advertising. Business goals change. Demographics shift. Facebook allows us to be very specific when choosing a target audience, so most admins like having client input when we set up a Facebook ad. It’s also a great way for clients to learn more about the mechanics of Facebook advertising.

We’re all learners.
Facebook is constantly updating and upgrading its business offerings. That means even the most experienced admin is always on a learning curve. So if you’re a business owner or manager who uses a professional Facebook admin, don’t assume the admin knows everything and you know nothing.

Recently, a client asked me to run a boosted post only on Saturday and Sunday. I balked at the idea, saying weekends are when Facebook traffic is lowest. Some quick research showed me that weekends do see less Facebook traffic than weekdays, but there is also less competition for visibility. That means posts have the potential to perform better on Saturday and Sunday. The client’s idea of running only on the weekend was actually a good one and one that I still sometimes use.

If you’re a business owner who feels intimidated by Facebook, I hope you won’t let that stop you from asking questions and offering your opinions. Any experienced admin can “just handle” your business’s Facebook Page, but everything works better when we work together!

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