My Pre-collegiate Internship

Studygroup relaxing in beanbags while doing school work.

In the future, when I think of my experiences at Success Communications Group and my public relations internship, I believe I’ll look back with reverence. The amount of information I gathered in my two months at the agency were vital to my transition from a high school student to a college student.

I consider the time spent at Success to be a stepping stone into adult life, as it opened me up to how an office environment functions. It isn’t difficult for me to say I walked out of Success’ offices a different person than I walked in. Whether it was writing news releases, typing source notes, or sitting in on meetings and conference calls, I absorbed a significant amount of knowledge. And I did all this while contributing to a successful communications firm. Though I’d always imagined what it was like to work in an office setting, I never fully grasped the daily ins and outs until this internship — and I’ll take that understanding with me as I move forward in life.

Another thing that really made my internship experience special — and helped me quite a bit — was that I worked side-by-side both with my father and my uncle. Kurt Praschak, my father, is the Vice President of Public Relations, while my uncle, Mike Cherenson, is the agency’s Executive Vice President … and they were essential in making sure my time here was well spent. With help from Account Executive Taylor Walek, they lead by example, which I learned from watching how they handle day-to-day operations of the PR group. Whether it was smooth sailing or unforeseen challenges, they handled it all extremely well, and I learned a lot simply from watching them.

Workplace leadership is something I hadn’t really known much about, or, at least, didn’t understand much about. It’s something you must experience to really understand. So, seeing how my father and uncle lead will certainly stick with me and, I hope, some of their example has also rubbed off on me in some ways. They made me feel comfortable here and really helped to advance my goals.

Overall, I can’t speak enough about how impactful this internship was for me. Usually, internships are completed during college — as was the case with my fellow intern at Success, Sam Weiss, who’s beginning her senior year at the University of Connecticut.  So, I’m very lucky to have experienced what I did even before setting foot on a college campus. And I’m confident my days at Success will help me during my time at Bloomsburg University … and beyond.