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Snapchat Groups

It’s Finally Here! Snapchat Groups!!

Yeah!! Snapchat has recently introduced a new feature called “Groups,” in which users can chat with several friends at a time. Gone are the days when users had to highlight several different friends from their contact list to send snaps…

Holiday Hostility

Avoiding Holiday Hostility Using Public Relations

Diffusing problems, figuring out the best story to tell, potentially dealing with some hostility, and trying to stay neutral. Did I just describe a public relations pro at work, or you at your family’s holiday dinner?  Public relations can be…

Walmart Media

Media Open House Event and “Today” Show

SCG staff was on hand at our client, Walmart’s Black Friday / Thanksgiving Media Open House event last week in North Bergen. The Today Show and New York and New Jersey media all attended.    

stop telling me what to do

“Stop Telling Me What To Do!”

I think Tracy Turnblad, the leading lady in Hairspray, speaks for us all when she argues for a little less insistence. Consumers don’t want to be bossed around like the cliché I Love Lucy “Vitameatavegamin” commercial and told what to purchase or…


The Handbook Recruiters Should Not Be Without

Way back in 1948 The Bureau of Labor Statistics started an annual publication called the Occupational Outlook Handbook. For nearly 70 years it has been the go-to source for job seekers to get a sense of the occupations that are on the…