It’s Finally Here! Snapchat Groups!!

Snapchat GroupsYeah!!

Snapchat has recently introduced a new feature called “Groups,” in which users can chat with several friends at a time. Gone are the days when users had to highlight several different friends from their contact list to send snaps to.  Let’s take a look at some of the new features of Snapchat Groups:
What’s different:
Now, there is an option in the “Chat” feature that allows users to combine as many as 16 friends into a Group. This “Groups” list will appear under the Best Friends and Recents lists.  The users in a group can respond to the entire group with a Snap, or by using the “Chat” feature, which enables a user to type a short response similar to a text.

What’s the same:
Like before, users will still have a “Best Friends” list of the people that they interact with frequently.  Under the Best Friends list, there is still a list called “Recents” which suggests a few friends that a user has interacted with recently.

So why did Snapchat create Groups?  The inclusion of Groups is in response to Instagram’s new feature called “Instagram Stories,” which is basically a carbon copy of Snapchat’s “My Story” feature.  By creating Groups, Snapchat has created a new feature that no other image messaging platform can offer (and answered the call that many users have been requesting for years!)

Along with a nearly six-fold increase in ad revenues during the past year (from $59 million in ’15 to $350 million in ’16), the introduction of the Groups feature positions Snapchat to climb to the top of the image-based social media sector.