Snapchat Story vs. Instagram Story

insta vs snapchatSnapchat Story, a photo or video you post that is visible for 24 hours, is an ongoing trend for both personal and professional use. Recently, Instagram launched its own story feature. Some users welcomed the addition, but some preferred the original simplicity of Instagram and think it may be trying too hard to be like Snapchat.

Here are some similarities and differences:


  • Posts can be viewed for 10 seconds on both apps
  • You can start a chat from a person’s story on both apps


  • Instagram has more advanced drawing tools
  • Snapchat offers selfie filters, and geofilters based on location or special events
  • Snapchat’s app launches on the camera screen, Instagram’s camera is a left swipe from the main feed

Instagram, owned by Facebook, has a more evolved and integrated advertising platform available for businesses. Snapchat continues to expand its services and capabilities (such as Spectacles), which can be potentially useful to businesses in the future. Each platform can be used for complementary purposes. As one article wrote, “a brand that’s shooting a new commercial might post a polished picture of the set as an Instagram post, and then take a goofy video as a Snap with some of the crew.”

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