“Stop Telling Me What To Do!”

Stop Telling Me What To DoI think Tracy Turnblad, the leading lady in Hairspray, speaks for us all when she argues for a little less insistence. Consumers don’t want to be bossed around like the cliché I Love Lucy “Vitameatavegamin” commercial and told what to purchase or try.  Instead, they are recording their favorite shows and fast-forwarding through advertisements. There is a shift in marketing, from overtly telling consumers they need a product to subtly making consumers feel they need a product.


With consumers gravitating toward less interruptive channels of entertainment, like Netflix, the communications field must refine its strategies to continue to reach the target audience. How? We must instill a feeling.  A television show grabs consumers with an emotional attachment to the characters and their stories. Now, the same rules apply for marketing and brand awareness. There has been a shift from aggressive marketing to empathetic communication. Companies are taking a more subtle approach, creating marketing campaigns that generate a relatable feeling within the consumer. Think: Extra Gum’s ad campaign, circa 2015.


It’s so much more than product promotion; it’s maintaining brand loyalty and fostering connected relationships. The empathetic bird gets the worm.


Tell them a story. Make them feel something. Stop telling them what to do.

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