Using Apps & Social Media In A Fixer-Upper Home


Moving into a fixer-upper home is a lot of work. Packing, unpacking, making messes, cleaning them up, shopping for things, and getting rid of other things. But the first and perhaps most important step is research, and I never realized that most of it would be done with the apps in the palm of my hand. Considering most started off as games or simply social media, they’ve come a long way and embedded themselves in almost every milestone.

Here are the 10 apps you need to flip a home:

1.     Google Maps

Use this app to show everyone what your house looks like, calculate your new commute, and find your new go-to pizza place.

2.     Pinterest

Create boards of house flipping 101, cleaning advice, paint color schemes, DIY decorations, housewarming party ideas, and more.

3, 4, 5. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The 3 classic social media platforms are used to see the town, what people are posting about it, when the farmer’s market is, and which coffee shop is having live music.

6. YouTube

For when you finally have enough supplies to cook meals, use YouTube to find videos on how to finely chop an onion the most efficient way possible (Thanks, Gordon Ramsay!)

7. Video chatting apps (FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo)

Used to show your parents where you ended up placing that dresser they gave you.

8. Snapchat

To show your friend across the country that you’re using the cute coasters she made you for Christmas that one year.

9. GroupMe

To invite all your friends over for a weekend shindig, which is mostly to show off the adorable new patio lights you got at Walmart!

10. Spotify

To find the perfect music to complement hanging out on the porch on a summer afternoon with your dearest friends.

Every aspect of this experience, from demo, to reconstruction, to decorating, to entertaining friends on the patio, to exploring the town has been enhanced by the use of apps.

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