Ramping up for 2018 Employee Recruiting

Ramping up for 2018 RecruitingWhile the drive for new employees typically slows down as the holidays approach, there’s no better time to start preparing your tactical approach for the coming year.  The best way to determine where you need to go is to take a look at where you’ve been – and how well it’s worked for you.

A quick check-list for your consideration:

Employment Brand: Do you have a distinct employer brand? While your messaging should be consistent with your corporate branding, your employer brand should stand on its own with a message that speaks to your corporate culture and employee experience. This is not a “set it and forget it” concept, especially in these times of constant communication – your employment brand should be regularly reviewed and reassessed for accuracy and appeal.


Social Media Presence: Yet another area where you should consider a separate and distinct message when it comes to your recruitment and employment experience. The ever-changing landscape of social media, from Facebook and Snapchat to blogs, you have a myriad of low cost, high impact options for your messaging.  The keys to success?  Know your audience, keep your messaging on point and honest and keep your sites current – it’s all too easy to let social media maintenance slip to the bottom of your to-do list.


Employee Referral Programs:  A classic. Certainly you already have one in place. But when was the last time you updated it? Revisit your ERP goals and your employee base. What would excite them? Maybe you should consider a revamp and relaunch – build up the excitement all over again. It’s also both engaging and effective to create short term, highly focused programs to spur on hiring for hot positions.


Employee Engagement: Your current employees are your best source for your new employees. Like it or not, they are your best brand ambassadors. Keep them engaged and you’ll reap the benefits ten fold. How? Listen to them. Talk to them. Encourage them. Recognize their contributions. Reward their loyalty.


The coming weeks should allow for plenty of time to get your priorities in order.  Make sure your recruiting toolbox has everything you need to help you achieve your goals for 2018.