How Public Relations Can Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions

public relations fireworksWe’ve all been there. Despite a “new year, new me” mentality, resolutions seem to fall to the wayside as the year progresses. Is there a way to decrease the likelihood of another unsuccessful resolution? Have no fear — following public relations strategies can help.


Have a Plan

It’s one thing to form an idea, but without a strategy to achieve it, you can easily become stagnant. Set goals in motion by writing down various ways to accomplish them throughout the new year.


Make it Measurable

Just as public relations professionals track analytics, note progress while executing a plan. Seeing how far you’ve come, and where you need to go next, can be motivating.


Be Honest

Just as every client is different, you aren’t the same as your peers. Understand the type of person you are when strategizing. If a New Year’s resolution is unreasonable, re-think how you approach it. Set smaller goals to lead up to an ultimate success.



Similar to a public relations plan, you should think to yourself, “what’s working and what isn’t?” If your strategy is succeeding — keep at it. If it’s failing, understand why and use the lesson learned as an opportunity to improve for the future.