Periscope Up! SCG Livestream Interviews

shutterstock_289837454-2One sure sign of rapid media expansion is when relatively young social networking platforms become parent companies to the next generation of media. Recently, Periscope—the Twitter-owned, livestreaming app—has been gaining traction with everyday users and celebrities alike. Users can easily broadcast via the app, showing the world what they’re up to in real time and allowing anyone to tune in. The app has paved the way for many companies to explore the option of live broadcasts to spread their message. From Oprah making dumplings, to Jimmy Fallon’s behind-the-scenes tour, to a journalist quickly reporting breaking news live from the scene, there are a variety of examples of people embracing Periscope. SCG is no exception. Since June, public relations interns in our Parsippany corporate office have been organizing and conducting weekly interviews live via Periscope, under the guidance of the SCG team.

The first broadcast available to watch here was an interview with executive VP Michael Cherenson, APR, about the public relations industry. The most recent Periscope available here was an informative discussion about the advertising industry featuring VP, Creative Director Tom Marguccio and Account Director Donna Zolla. Interns are learning not only about the PR and Advertising industries, but what goes into planning live broadcasts and interviews.

Interested in tuning in to SCG’s next live broadcast? You can download the app for free in either the Apple store or Google Play. Periscope is easily linked to its parent company, so all Twitter users can have Periscope accounts with the click of a button. Periscope shows which of your Twitter connections have Periscope set up, making it easy to find the livestreams of people you know. When broadcasting, the app can send out an alert tweet to invite followers to tune in.

SCG has more livestreams in store, so follow us on Periscope and tune in to our next broadcast Thursday, July 9 at 11:45am.