Case Study – Retail

For more than a decade, SCG has represented Walmart Stores, Inc. the largest retailer anywhere. Working with an international team of communication professionals, we’ve helped enhance the company’s reputation and bolster its brand. Our work contributes to an environment in which the world’s most high-profile company thrives.


The ongoing campaign SCG is a part of represents one of the largest communication and outreach efforts ever undertaken. Focusing primarily on New Jersey and surrounding areas, SCG has driven overall media and community relations; helped with crisis management; supported grand openings; developed social media and video content; coordinated events; launched new programs and services; and supported store managers and other spokespersons.


Our efforts have been extremely successful. Walmart’s New Jersey footprint has more than doubled, while stores here are among the highest performing in the world. Research indicates improved reputation and brand awareness, as well as more positive media coverage. Most significantly, store growth continues and the company’s sales are strong.

Other Retail Clients