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There are lots of good PR firms out there. At SCG, we absolutely excel at the practice of public relations … and then we do more.


What sets us apart is our ability to successfully, effectively navigate the entire paid/earned/shared/owned (P.E.S.O.)* media spectrum to create client programs and campaigns with a truly 360-degree perspective. We’re media relations and publicity experts who also have full access to SCG’s exceptional, in-house team of advertising, marketing, web, and art professionals – as well as our Amplify Team of highly-engaged millennials who provide industry-leading social media expertise.


At SCG, we’re passionate; we hustle; we surprise you with creative ideas; we listen intently; write well; and never forget a client’s perspective. We’re multi-media storytellers; we seek to engage, encourage, and activate; and we relish our role as antenna, conscience, and voice. We’re research-driven; we endorse media training and embrace crisis communication; and focus on bolstering our clients’ relationships, reputations, and brands. Public relations is our lifelong commitment; we’re masters of our craft; we nag well; have thick skin; empathize with our clients; and are unafraid to speak our minds.


We surpass goals, exceed expectations, and get things done.


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*PESO developed by Gini Dietrich