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Delizza Patisserie frozen desserts is a very popular international dessert with national distribution in the US, with a very loyal following among Adults 45+. Consumers buy Delizza on special occasions, as well as many who buy the product monthly and even weekly. Sales have remained robust, and the share of market has been strong, but the brand has experienced little or no incremental growth.


In order to help grow the brand and expand its reach to a new, growing demographic — who had limited exposure to Delizza’s products — SCG recommended a Social Media effort targeting Millennials. We created Facebook/Instagram/Twitter posts that were a combination of fun, easy, creative ways to serve the product supported by recipe ideas and quick videos.


To date, the number of Facebook likes increased with 72% of people reached being 18-35. Our engagement rate increased by 43% and we received 998 views, which was a 66% increase over the first six months. On Instagram, profile visits went from 70 to 250 per month, while Twitter followers have been steadily increasing. This campaign has succeeded in introducing Delizza to a new demographic expanding the brand’s footprint in the market place.

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